The man behind the vision - meet our Founder and MD Ned. A true Northern Lad, Ned grew up in Greater Manchesterwith his two Brothers and Dad Franko. 

Ned is a charmingly stubborn and independent spirit - his tendency to stretch the boundaries of the rules and test the limits of possibility are the reason that he started on this epic journey to bring you the most delectable Gin that you've ever had the pleasure to imbibe. 

In the past two years Ned has been engrossed in the nature, science and craft behind the gin industry and distillation process - to get his idea for a luxury Gin from mere musing to actual launch. 

Whether he is in London meeting potential collaborators, or taking Ruby the wonder dog for a relaxing walk around Worsley, Ned regularly checks in with his ginspiration!


Our Master Distiller is a true magician! With a Doctorate in Bio Chemistry from Corpus Christi college in Oxford, Dr John has always been passionate about understanding how things go together - inspired by his Fathers philosophy of "if you drive a car you should know what goes on under the bonnet!". 

John has an expert knowledge on how the molecular compounds of different botanicals can compliment each other which gives our blend a distinction from all other craft gins. 

John lives with his family in Great Yeldham and enjoys an idyllic rural lifestyle, encouraging his children to do things as opposed to being glued to screens. 

John has written a book "The drinker's guide to distilling" and produces several spirits for his own brand.


Meet our Creative Director Pamela! The person behind all of our marketing activity and social media campaigns.

Unlike Ned our MD, Pamela hails from the South, living in Oxford with her family. Having Scottish roots however may explain her strong willed nature and passion for creating a unique brand presence with our lovely Gin. 

Pamela is dedicated to providing you with news and info on the journey of Worsley Gin, and being a keen cook and baker, bringing you recipes and cocktail ideas too. 

Prone to wild exaggeration and being a bit extravagant in general makes for some interesting conversations with our MD Ned - who so far has only vetoed live flamingos and ice sculptures for the launch party last year! 


Becky is our event support expert who has recently joined us in September 2018!

Hailing from Liverpool, Becky loves a good night out and is really passionate about spreading the story of Worsley Gin at our events and exhibitions. 

By day, Becky works in a nursery which we think makes her deserve a medal - or Gin!

You can meet Becky at one of our larger exhibitions or events - look out for the blue apron and huge smile to greet you!