We want to be known across the world for alcohol creations that put exceptional quality, beautiful design and true craftsmanship at their very core. 

We will take inspiration from our natural surroundings, we will seek to find the latest cutting edge production processes and we will work with the world's leading and most experienced craftspeople. Following these principles will deliver the ultimate flavour profile and tasting experience. 

We will create the very best, most luxurious spirits that are packaged beautifully, in the true style and decadence of a bygone age. We will never compromise on our principles.


We focus on bringing people together and leading in our industry


Family is at the heart of our value set. 

We believe that working together, developing strong bonds with our colleagues, collaborators and our community and thinking family first enables us to make the best decisions for our business.

We want every customer to join the Worsley Gin family and be part of a different Gin story...


"Creativity is intelligence having fun" Albert Einstein.

Life is short. Work represents the biggest element of life after family, and as it gets so much time we want to ensure that it is enjoyable and not a chore. 

We want to make our business fun and discerning, putting creativity and imagination as the pre-cursor to all decision making.


Enjoying our products responsibly is a paramount value to Worsley Gin.

Acting honestly, fairly and with a clear transparency as a business is so important to us - we were brought up to respect ourselves and our world around us, and we take these responsibilities seriously. We provide support signposting to those who may be struggling with their decisions, and we work with partner charities to ensure we are giving back to those who need it.


"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking" Henry Ford

We take pride in selecting only the finest ingredients for our products. We collaborate with the best craftsmen to create our products. We invest in exceptional packaging to encase our spirits. We are committed to continuously learning and evolving to ensure you always get the finest products and best service.


We are a passionate set of people that are dedicated to bringing you the best.

The customer experience is of the up most importance to us and we act with a drive, passion and commitment to ensuring that all decisions put the customer first. 

We own and love our business and want to make sure we take real care of it - which means passionately taking care of our people and our customers.