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It's all in the taste...


a unique profile of 10 botanicals scientifically selected for their compatibility - a bit like Match.com but used with fruits, herbs and florals to create a flavour journey rather than just a taste profile.


every element of our product has been constructed with elegance and design at the heart of decision making. From the distillation process to the stunning labels and impeccable branding, we have refused to compromise.


Our distillation process is cutting edge. Not quite NASA but Oxford PHD level. We do not need a triple distillation process to create a unique and incredible flavour journey - we extract the heart of the spirit first time.


From roses selected for their family sentiment, to the buttercups and dandelions inspired by their links to the fields and meadows of Worsley, our Gin pays tribute to our local inspiration of Worsley, Salford and Greater Manchester.


When you combine the quality of the product, the inspiration from our locality and the science of our processes, we believe we have created a very different Gin story - which we can't wait for you to delve into…

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